Tuesday, May 30, 2017

  The rule of Van den Broeck, a lover of nuclear physics, turned out to be more general than Mendeleyev's periodicity and calculations of quantum mechanics. The table should be filled with all cells according to the law or the rules, and if somebody does not fill in, there should be an explanation of this by this law or rule. Therefore, the cells of the physical table were filled in both at http://matterdark-hfilipen.blogspot.com and unknown items with numbers 72-75 and 108-111 appeared. Which required explanation. When examining the results of measuring the charges of nuclei or atomic numbers by James Chadwick, I noticed that the charge of the core of platinum is rather not 78, but tends to 82, which corresponds to the developed table. For nearly 30 years I have raised the question of the repetition of measurements of the charges of atomic nuclei. Uranium is probably more charged than accepted, and it is used at nuclear power plants.

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  1. Lithium and beryllium, as a function of temperature, change the crystal lattices in much the same way as scandium and titanium. That speaks about the correctness of our table of chemical elements.