Sunday, December 6, 2015

  And you can arrange the items in the table to perform, and laws and regulations, and so that the number of elements have not changed?
Yes possible if lanthanides placed in a column under lanthanum, hafnium and lutetium will follow already horizontally. Also done with actinides, but the table turns ugly.
  Build a simple graph of the results Chadwick, we see that for platinum he was to receive a charge equal to the value of about 80.
  Therefore, the charge of the nucleus of platinum and close to it the elements to check.


  1. Dear Sirs!
    hfilipenk .

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    to lsoby
    Ladies and gentlemen! I ask you to offer research laboratories involved in the discoveries of new elements to repeat the experiments and check James Chadwick to determine the charge of the atomic nuclei of copper, silver and platinum. And if the results of copper and silver, totally agree, then the platinum possible mistake. Look at this table of elements here we see the charge of the nucleus of an atom of platinum equal to 82. The result of 77.4 to 82 is more appropriate rather than 78 units of the proton. Probably all elements starting from hafnium charges cores 4 units more, and the latter for all 8.
    With respect! Henadzi Filipenka

  2. At the bottom of the periodic table, two lines of the lanthanides and actinides. If they are positioned horizontally in the table, as a table in the proposed physical elements, new elements appear. To new items do not appear, the lanthanides and actinides must be placed vertically, then such a construction, not the table.