Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the table of elements

Each subsequent element is different from the previous view that its nucleus the number of protons increases by one, and the number of neutrons increases, in the general case for a few. That is, the kernel is always more neutrons than protons (not counting the very light nuclei). In the literature it is strange the ratio of neutrons to the number of protons, for any kernel, nothing is explained. To build a model of atomic nuclei we note that while the alpha radioactivity of helium nuclei have approximately equal energy. Therefore, on the outer envelope of the kernel will place all of the protons with the same number of neutrons, ie at one energy level can only bosons, which located on the outer envelope of the nucleus and the alpha particles are. Inside the nucleus putting the remaining neutrons, whose task will be the weakening of electrostatic repulsion of protons fields. Assuming a spherical nucleus, and the radii of protons and neutrons of about the same, for any element was the kernel model to explain the ratio of neutrons to the number of protons, derived from the package kernel atom nucleons. (Mismatch 0-10%). Radioactive decay is probably associated with the compression of the nucleus, because with the growth of the sequence number of neutrons an element of the kernel becoming increasingly weakened radial repulsive force of protons. If the mass of the nucleus to take primary and secondary chemical properties of the atom, the table of elements atomic weight should be monotonically changed, both horizontally and vertically. Building the table on these grounds, we are forced, after lutetium and Lawrence left four empty seats, so that the chemical properties of elements. Perhaps, at the opening of the need to become the definition of the charge of the nucleus! (Charge of the nucleus is determined only for copper and platinum). See the table on the site - http://www.sciteclibrary.ru/rus/catalog/pages/5023.html


  1. Perhaps, when you open items need to become the definition of the nuclear charge!

    In fact, the elements are declared open on the basis of chemical properties.

  2. в 90х годах мне из Дубны из ОИЯИ ответили- "если бы все было так просто..."

  3. I think my table is constructed taking into account the chemical and physical properties of atoms, is the ultimate goal. It differs in that, after the lanthanide and actinide placed four new chemical elements, and since the sequence number is changed hafnium element, the protons and electrons is longer and fewer neutrons at the same atomic weight. Since the discovery of elements in the number of protons and electrons is not specified, I think this table is not refuted.

  4. How do I see a way out ...
    Necessary to measure the charges of the nuclei of atoms following Yb, Lu, Hf, Ta, and if
    between lutetium and hafnium is a big gap in the charge, and between
    Yb and Lu as well as between Ta and Hf are small, it will speak about the provider table.

  5. Of course, the easiest thing would be to look in the archives Chadwick results of measurement of the nuclear charge at the platinum, their departures and decide on the need to work with hafnium, tantalum and lutetium.

  6. Chernobyl.Fukushima. Do we know the exact numbers of elements such as uranium and plutonium?

  7. Elements (71) are located in the matrix table, do the elements numbered 72, 73, 74, 75 does not exist? After all, to comply with the periodic law at the location of the following items, you must make the pass (islet) cells.
    Beginning with Hafnium in the nuclei of elements changes the number of protons and neutrons, respectively, compared with the conventional today.

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